A Wooden Map Of Old Istanbul On Its Tabletop Makes The Pervititch CT An Intriguing Living Room Piece


Granted, a coffee table like the Pervititch CT will likely be a pain to clean up once dirt starts getting in between the spaces on the wood. If you can put up with the intricate vacuuming requirements, though, it will let you enjoy a definite conversation piece right in the center of the living room.

Designed by Başak Bakkaloğlu and Cemal Çobanoğlu, it’s a coffee table with a top that recreates a map of the old districts in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. Rather than just use a printed map, it uses (CNC-cut?) plywood to depict its recreation of the city’s old roads and transportation network, creating a unique aesthetic that’s bound to both intrigue and captivate.


Named after famed cartographer Jacques Pervititch, the Pervititch CT is based upon one of the detailed Istanbul maps that he produced between 1922 and 1945, which remain as significant sources of historical information about the country to this day. While it’s almost certain anyone who sees the table for the first time will want to remove the accompanying tempered glass top, we highly implore people keep it once everyone’s finished ogling the table – spilling drinks, food crumbs, cigar ashes, and whatever other dastardly items you have around on the empty spaces looks like it’s going to be hell to clean up. Dimensions are 90 x 38 cm (diameter x height), with three color choices (gray, turquoise, red).


The Pervititch CT is available now. You can inquire from Abra Design Studio for pricing.