Despite Looking Like A Giant Beach Pebble, The Pave Stone Is Actually A Functional Chair


Chairs made from marble? Nothing new. Chairs made from marble that look like giant pebbles on the beach? Wait… what? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the Pave Stone.

Designed by Enzo Berti, it’s a chair that, literally, looks like a pair of massive pebble stones, one stacked on top of another. That’s it. It doesn’t look comfortable, much less stable, but it, apparently, is a functional chair that will, no doubt, give any room a massive dose of unique style.


As you can easily see, the Pave Stone is made from two parts: one pebble at the bottom and another one at the top. While they both look cut in natural marble, it’s actually only the base that’s done up in the material (there’s a variety of color options). The chair, on the other hand, is actually made from wood, with either a bleached or aged larch finish. As such, it should be a lot more comfortable than it looks, with no cold surface threatening to freeze your legs as soon as you plop down, although the wooden parts render it strictly for indoor use (I know, the pictures are misleading, lol). It comes in three seat sizes.


The Pave Stone is part of Kreoo’s nature-inspired “Living Collection,” which include a variety of pieces that incorporate wood and marble in unusual ways. You can learn more about the collection directly from their website.