A Sensor-Based Irrigation System Makes The Parrot Pot The Smartest Planter Ever


Planters that can water plants on their own are nothing new. The Parrot Pot, however, does them all one better by integrating state of the art sensors that determine the exact amount of water your plant needs at any time.

Fitted with a “smart irrigation system,” the planter will monitor soil moisture levels, soil fertility, temperature, and light, collecting a complete environmental profile for the plant. It will then process the collected data to determine how much water is required for the plant to thrive, then dispense it according to a schedule it sets on its own.


The Parrot Pot looks like a regular planter at first glance, giving away no inkling of its technological capabilities. Behind the façade, though, sit the array of sensors, along with a 2.2-liter water reservoir and a delivery system that sprinkles the water from the upper part of the inside wall. The planter will set its own watering schedule based on the data it’s collected, although you will have to tell the accompanying app (iOS and Android) what kind of plant you’re growing in order to optimize the operation. The database currently holds data for over 8,000 common types of house plants.


All electronic components are hidden away in watertight compartments on the planter, so you can clean it any way you want without any problem. It’s durable, too, with construction that’s robust enough to function in outdoor environments, like lawns, gardens, and terraces. Do note, the reservoir will likely need to be replenished every month, so you’re not exactly exempt from doing any work with this thing, but it sure is as low-maintenance a planter as you can ask for.

No pricing yet, but the Parrot Pot will launch sometime this year.