Pakiet Flat-Packed Furniture Uses Steel Clips For Easy Assembly


Granted, the Pakiet is hardly the cleanest among the many flat-packed, collapsible furniture designs we’ve seen. You can’t deny, however, that it’s a clever design – one that may actually be more useful in some situations than traditional flat-packed furniture.

Created by Zieta Prozessdesign, the system ditches traditional binding hardware like nails, screws, and nuts. It also avoids the more complex slotting-together design that some collapsible furniture have done. Instead, it uses strategically-placed cutouts along the wood where you can insert metal clips to hold everything together.


Five designs are currently available in the Pakiet line: a stool, a bench, a coffee table, a writing desk, and a large dining table. Each one is made using plywood panels held together by visible steel clips, so it’s not exactly the cleanest look. Those same Frankenstein-like stitches, though, do give the pieces a unique personality, making them a curious that’s bound to invite conversation when guests chance upon them for the first time.


Since it uses clips, there’s no need for any tools during assembly – simply place the clips in the designated cutouts and everything should be in place. Those same clips can be removed without tools, too, during disassembly, making it easy to collapse and flat-pack the whole thing for transport.


Available directly from Zieta, the Pakiet ships as raw, unfinished plywood, so buyers get the option of keeping the all-natural look or paint it to go with their home’s color schemes. You’ll have to inquire from Zieta for the pricing.