Forget The Ice Box, This Outdoor Beverage Table Has A Built-In Bowl For Chilling Your Drinks


As we begin to recover from the rigors of winter, chances are, all the outdoor furniture is going to be seeing a lot more use. Sunday barbecues? Yes, please. Drinking in the patio? Definitely. And while any table will work to help facilitate open-air get-togethers, this Philips Collection Outdoor Beverage Table sure offers some additional conveniences.

Clad in a modern design, it’s a dome-shaped table with the flat surface serving as a tabletop. Sure, it won’t quite look killer in grandma’s traditionally-decorated patio, but it should be warmly welcomed in the outdoor structures of most contemporary homes.


Instead of stationing a cooler nearby, the Philips Collection Outdoor Beverage Table comes with a rounded indent near one edge of the table, which you can fill with ice cubes and your choice of beverages. No more leaking coolers that leave a puddle on the ground – everything is contained inside the bowl-shaped indent, which you can simply dry out after use.

Dimensions are 43 x 17 inches (diameter x height), with a weight of 54 pounds. Each one is handcrafted using a mix of concrete and resin, painted in either a white or acid-washed slate finish.

Available now, the Philips Collection Outdoor Beverage Table is priced at $1,850.