Origami 6 Lamp Mimics The Lines Found In Japanese Paper Art


While the Origami 6 Lamp isn’t actually made from folded paper like the Japanese paper art, it creates the same striking impression that craftily-made origami will undoubtedly leave upon its admirers. This just looks way too cool, especially when the lighting element is actually switched on.

Designed by Paris-based interior designer Francois Champsaur, the lamp mimics the lines you typically find in an origami creation, making it easy to mistake as a folded piece of card stock. Sporting hard edges and an angular profile, it should make an ideal table lamp for office workspaces and bedrooms, with the bold color combinations lending it a somewhat playful feel.


The paper-like material of the Origami 6 Lamp is actually laser-cut steel, so this is about as sturdy a table lamp as you can probably ask for. According to Champsaur, a big focus of the design process involved testing and researching possible color combinations, which is why the lamp comes in both solid colors and mixed multi-color hues. Only one model for each color combination has been built.

The Origami 6 is an exclusive piece created for the annual Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber, an exhibition scheduled to open this month in Bangkok, Thailand. It starts November 20th and runs through December 21st.