Olympia My Bag Crams A Bathroom Sink Inside A Suitcase


Just when I thought it was clever when someone put bathroom utilities in a closet, someone goes ahead and puts the same thing in a suitcase. Really, that’s what happened with Olympia’s My Bag.

Granted, the limited space in a suitcase means it can only hold a minimum of essentials. Still, it’s pretty impressive the way you could put erstwhile bathroom fixtures in a portable form, letting you have a private bathroom of sorts, in case you don’t want to share the facilities with others.


Closed up, the Olympia My Bag looks like any suitcase with somewhat thicker than usual dimensions. Open it up, however, and you get a fully-functional sink, with sections where you can install a faucet (which is kept in a wooden pull-out compartment inside the suitcase) and hook it up to the bathroom’s pipe system. There’s also a mirror, along with options for a recessed soap dispenser and a recessed cup where you can put in supplies, like toothbrush, toothpaste, and a shaving razor. Unlike regular suitcases whose handles come on the long sides, this one has it on the shorter side, so it can serve as a towel rack during bathroom use. Olympia even designed a foldable matching stand for the suitcase, which you can keep in a separate bag, in case you foresee the need for one in your travels.


Personally, I don’t see the practicality in this thing. You have to admit, it is a fun design and one that will be nice to have just so you can whip out a bathroom in the backyard any time you feel like it.

Hit Olympia Ceramica’s website to learn more.