ODO Table Draws Inspiration From Dragonfly Eyes


NAB Design appears to be big fans of using animals as inspiration for their furniture pieces. Last time we had them, they were showing off a side table done up to resemble a frog. This time around, they’re drawing inspiration from the dragonfly for their ODO Table.

A side table, it features a top that resembles the dragonfly’s big bulging eyes, with the erstwhile place for the oculars serving as multi-purpose storage spaces. Personally, I think it looks like classic aviators, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the stylish specs may have been based on dragonfly eyes themselves.


The ODO Table uses a metal sheet for the dragonfly eye top, with a wooden structure wedged in between the bulges. It comes with four detachable legs that simply slot into the wooden structure, making it easy equip the table and collapse it for putting away when you’re packing things up. The eye-shaped storage areas make them ideal for holding rolled items, like magazines, books, and towels, as well as long, narrow items like bottles, cans, and .   Dimensions are 350 x 350 x 670 mm (w x d x h), with the top cut in powder-coated stainless steel and the wooden elements done up in ash wood.


You can learn more about the ODO Table directly from the NAB Design website.