Check Out These Gorgeous Ocean Wave Sculptures From Marsha Blaker And Paul DeSomma


How do you shape glass so that it captures the appearance of waves moving across the ocean? We have no idea. Somehow, though, glass artists Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma manage to capture it brilliantly in their handcrafted series of vases and sculptures.

Each of the pieces look like they froze a wave in time mid-crash, plucked it out of the open sea, and turned it into a gorgeous tabletop display. Seriously, these molten glass creations carry a realism that’s just downright uncanny, with the various shades of blue, the white froths, and the numerous bubbles combining to create a downright amazing sight.


The vases, of course, are fully-functional decorative containers that you can use to display fresh, cut flowers to liven up a space. The rest of the pieces could also find utilitarian function, depending on their shapes. Their sculpture consisting of one long, curling wave, for instance, can probably function as an excellent serving tray, with their smaller, bottom-heavy waves likely making for excellent paperweight objects. Either way, every single one should make for a stunning item to fill an empty tabletop or shelf.


Blaker and DeSomma, who collaborate on the vases and sculptures, are a husband-and-wife team well-known for their work on both glass and ceramic. While they work in tandem, they do have their own individual specialties and focus, with Blaker specializing on textures and colors that mimic detailed marine environments and DeSomma on working with the medium’s clarity and form.


The couple’s creations can be purchased from Hawaii-based Kela’s Glass Gallery.