Ninebyfour Is A Tubelight Fixture You Won’t Want To Hide Way Up In The Ceiling


Tubelight fixtures are far from the nicest-looking things, which is why we keep them high up in the ceiling far away from sight. That doesn’t mean a good designer can’t put in the work to make it look good, though, and that’s exactly what they did with the Ninebyfour.

Created by Waarmakers, it features a minimalist body cut entirely in wood, making it way more presentable than traditional tubelight fixtures. Each one is constructed from a single piece of Stadshout, city wood that grows around Amsterdam’s public spaces that have been felled and would have otherwise been turned into firewood.


While the Ninebyfour can be mounted flush against walls and ceilings like conventional fluorescent lamp fixtures, the upgraded aesthetics make it ideal for hanging down from the ceiling like a pendant lamp, making it easier to appreciate for people who walk into the space. Accompanying ropes are bundled with each fixture for this purpose, along with an integrated height adjustment facility that you simply wind and unwind to move it closer or farther from the ceiling. Every single fixture is crafted by hand and comes with a cork on one end that’s stamped with the geographical coordinates of the source tree’s original location.


If you’re not a fan of fluorescent lamps, don’t let it bother you. This was actually designed to work with Philips master LED tube lamps (it’s why there’s no ballast), which come shaped like regular flourescents, but don’t have any of the overheating or burning out problems of those older lamps.

Available directly from Waarmakers, the Ninebyfour retails for €385.