New Ravenna’s Sea Glass Tiles Give Your Bathroom Floors And Walls A Silky, Smooth Feel


Looking for something different to adorn the boring tiled floors in the bathroom? How about the new Sea Glass collection from New Ravenna, which features custom-built installations handcrafted from the company’s new Sea Glass, which replicates the silky smooth glass often found along the beach.

Designed by Sara Baldwin, the new glass finish boasts an unmistakable feel that recreates the sensations of touching glass that’s been smoothened by years of contact with sand and wave. According to the designer, in fact, they even considered calling it the “barefoot collection,” since the feel of the silky matte glass tiles were not like anything people would have experienced inside their bathrooms before.


Eight types of mosaic designs are available in the Sea Glass collection: Aurelia (flower arranged in geometric patterns), Chinoiserie (birds and trees), Folia (leaves and stems), Garden Party (brick-shaped tiles), Dune (sand-like patterns), Clouds (sky scenes), Tempest (ocean waves), and Plum Blossom (tree branches). Each one can be customized in colors (70 shades available) and size, then custom-installed onto both vertical and horizontal surfaces. All the glass tiles are hand-cut by artisans from Virginia.


No pricing is listed, but you can inquire about Sea Glass directly from New Ravenna. It’s available now.