An Entire Person Can Hide Inside The Nest Storage Bed’s Hidden Compartment


Everybody needs extra storage, especially in the bedroom. And the bed is the perfect place to integrate one, since there’s usually plenty of room underneath for holding a bunch of stuff. The Nest Storage Bed does previous implementations one better by integrating the storage under the bed’s platform, giving you a place to stash things that is totally discreet.

Designed by Niels Bendtsen, it looks like an ordinary platform bed at first glance. Lift the strap hidden under the foot of the mattress, though, and the entire platform flips up, giving you a generous storage area measuring 59.5 x 79.5 x 7 inches (w x d x h) on the queen-size model (varies slightly, of course, depending on bed size).   Seriously, that’s big enough to hold an entire person, making it a viable hiding spot when aliens come looking for humans to abduct inside your home at night.


The Nest Storage Bed uses gas pistons to lift the platform with the smoothest of movements, making it easy for even the puniest weaklings to access the storage area with one hand. The mattress doesn’t need to be removed to access the storage, too, so you don’t have to make your bed every time you want to check whatever dirty secrets you’re keeping inside.


Construction is plywood for the frame and headboard, all clad in a foam padding to give it a softer feel, with a steel deck, beech wood slats, and plastic feet. The bed comes with a removable fabric slipcover to keep everything clean even through daily use.

Available now, the Nest Storage Bed is priced starting at $2,748.