Nendo Designs The Craziest Doors For Abe Kogyo’s 70th Anniversary


In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo, a Japanese manufacturer of doors, partitions, and fixtures, Nendo created novel door designs that reshape our concepts of the household staple. From functional modifications to bizarre designs, it’s quite the impressive collection.

Lamp, the first design, combines a door and a lighting fixture, complete with a wooden shade at a floor lamp’s height. The second, called Baby, combines two doors in one – a large door for adults and a smaller one at the corner for young toddlers.


Slide, on the other hand, is an interior door has a trio of sliding windows on top, making it easy to check what’s going on in the next room. The fourth design, called Hang, comes with a 2.5mm-thick magnet sheet inside, which can be used to attach steel-backed containers, such as trays, vases, and pots.


Kumiko, the next model, features an intricate design based on its namesake technique of assembling wooden lattices without nails, ornamentations normally found in traditional Japanese tatami rooms. Abe Kogyo themselves did the lattice work on the door, which blends into the plain portions from the lower corner.

Wall, the sixth design, treats the door as an extension of the wall, installing display frames and shelves that make it appear part of the home’s fixed vertical structure, rather than a separate fixture. The last design, called Corner, is a total mind-bender – a door at the shape of a right angle designed to install directly on a protruded corner.


Check out Nendo’s website to learn more.