A Unique Design Allows The Nebia Shower To Cut Down Water Use By 70%


Most high-end shower designs are meant to change the way water is delivered to the user, enhancing the shower experience to make it even more relaxing. The Nebia, however, does much more than that, refashioning the shower experience while conserving a whole lot of water at the same time.

Rather than merely extrude water through a set of nozzles like conventional showerheads, it comes with a unique set of nozzles that use high pressure to atomize the water into millions of tiny droplets. Instead of a strong spray, it dispatches a wide mist of those water droplets, efficiently washing your body while using a minimal amount of water.


Nebia uses a showerhead that protrudes from the wall and aims right down at the user. A large, circular design allows it to extrude a mist that envelopes the person’s entire body, with an adjustable neck that lets you change the angle up to 45 degrees. Held by a wall bracket, the shower can be height-adjusted across a 27-inch length, so short and tall users can customize it at an ideal elevation. It even includes a second handheld shower with a similar atomizing design to change up the experience to your liking.


According to the company, their new shower design will allow you to take showers that use up 70 percent less water than normal. If you prefer the strongest pressure, that efficiency drops down to around 60 percent, which is still a whole load of water savings. Apart from water conservation, it also cuts down on your energy use, since there’s less water to heat up, much of which goes to waste in conventional showers. The company claims their shower is “13 times more thermally-efficient.”

A crowdfunding campaign is currently running for Nebia over at Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.