Mr. n Is An Arch-Shaped Table Lamp For Your Accent Lighting Needs


There are plenty of accent lights that make people do a double take the first time they chance upon it. That’s likely to be same reaction when someone catches sight of the Mr. n, a decorative table lamp cut in the shape of a lowercase “n.”

Designed by Peter Ng for Koncept Lighting, the object features an illuminated outer panel that emits a soft, warm glow, making it ideal for use on bedside tables, bookshelves, and other spaces that can use a little extra light. The uninterrupted luminance across the slim arch shape ensures the light spreads evenly to the top and sides, which should work great for keeping objects around it well-lit.


The Mr. n can be set down in the natural arch shape, set down on its side to illuminate the entire table, and even hung on a hook via the arch. It uses a 5-watt 120-volt LED array that’s rated at a lifespan of 50,000 hours. No visible controls sit anywhere on the lamp; instead, you simply need to touch the base of the lamp to switch it on and off. Construction is aluminum for the frame and clear plastic laid over the lamp, with the whole thing measuring 7.5 x 4.3 x 3.2 inches (h x w x d).

Available now, the Mr. n LED Table Lamp retails for $124.90.