Monkey Lamps Task Chimps With Lighting Duty Around The House


That Monkey Table you have standing next to the sofa is cute and all, but primates are social creatures and we bet that little chimp is starting to get lonely. While there’s definitely a shortage of monkey-themed furniture options, this set of Monkey Lamps just offered a way to bring more apes into your digs.

Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Italian brand Seletti, it’s a set of lighting furniture that you can use to turn any room into a veritable monkey jungle. Whether you find monkeys impossibly cute, identify with them as personal totems, or just want to convert your abode into a miniature planet of the apes, these pieces are ready to help bring more chimps into your life.


The Monkey Lamp comes in three models: a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a wall lamp. Each one is fashioned as a detailed sculpture of a monkey, who’s holding a socket and an exposed bulb in hand, while wearing a human-like expression on its face.   The floor lamp is cast as a monkey standing upright, with a raised right hand holding the light a good distance off the floor. The table lamp, on the other hand, is a sitting chimp, holding the light bulb by his eyeline. The last one is a monkey who looks like he’s hanging off a rock on your wall, with a semi-outstretched right arm carrying the lighting element. Construction is resin for the monkeys, which are all hand-finished in white.

Learn more about the Monkey Lamp from Seletti’s website.