Cover Your Walls In Moko’s Three-Dimensional Vertical Sculptures


Moko calls their product “vertical sculptures.” And they are. Designed to serve as a decorative alternatives to wallpaper, they let you adorn your walls with sculpted wooden patterns that make them come alive in much more prominent ways than those two-dimensional prints you probably have up in your walls right now.

You can think of them as giant wooden tiles. Instead of being flat and smooth, though, it comes carved with various patterns, such as geometric shapes and curvy lines that give the space a grand, majestic feel you can’t quite achieve with traditional wall covers. Simply put, it’s like slapping a carved wooden canvas on your wall. Except, instead of merely covering a small vertical patch, it takes up the entire space.


Each tile in Moko’s wall claddings are cross-laminated wood panels made from multiple layers of hardwood veneer, with a double-curvature surface to give it better stability. They’re painstakingly handcrafted, too, so you can imagine the amount of labor that went into covering up an entire space with these things. Because of their slim wood veneer construction, the tile-like objects can be bent, making it possible to use them even around curved corners and pillars.

moko-wall-covers-4A total of twelve designs are currently available from Moko. No pricing is listed, but we imagine they won’t go cheap.