Mobi Lamp Can Be Customized Into Dozens Of Geometric Shapes


There’s no shortage of decorative lamps in the market.  There is, however, a definite lack in ones that can be customized to vary its decorative aesthetics.  That’s exactly what the Mobi brings to your home lighting options.

Made by the James Dieter Studio, it’s a lamp consisting of multiple LED bars, connected to each other using a series of wires, creating an eye-catching geometric design.  Unlike most similar lighting elements, the connecting joints aren’t fixed, allowing the lamp to be arranged in a variety of ways.


With its movable joints, Mobi can be arranged in a whole lot of ways.  Want a chandelier-like creation with the LEDs looking like candles atop a diamond-shaped frame?  Not a problem.  How about what looks like a mountainous range for displaying it close to a wall?  Yep, that can be accommodated.  With each of the eight LED bars connected to four of eight wires, it paves the way to a whole load of possible shapes, both flat and three-dimensional.  More importantly, the lamp can be rearranged without the use of tools, so you can reshape the lamp at absolutely any time.


Each of the lighting bars come with 9-watt BridgeLux Vero LEDs, held inside glass tubes with metal ends.  It’s available in an anodized satin aluminum finish, either in polished brass, copper, nickel, or chrome.  Four sets of 5-foot aircraft cables are included with the lamp for hanging in a ceiling, although the assembly looks like it can be set up on a tabletop, too.


Mobi is available directly from the James Dieter Studio.  You can email them directly for inquiries and pricing.