This Milli Chair Has So Many Legs, You Can Push It Over And It Will Still Stand


Sadly, the Milli Chair isn’t based on infamous 90s R&B duds Milli Vanilli. Instead, the lounger is actually meant to resemble a creepy millipede, so you can chill around the house while plopped down on a multi-legged arthropod.

Made by Duffy London, those excessive legs that extend all the way to the backrest aren’t just for decorative purposes. Instead, they allow the chair to be reversible – simply push it over to go from a chair with a straight backrest to a slightly-reclined piece with an extended backrest that can serve as a cushioned side table (well, rear table, really) of sorts.


On its own, the Milli Chair is designed to serve as bedroom furniture with two seating positions, although it can also be used as a living room chaise lounge when set up in pairs – perfect for putting together an extra-long giant insect to greet people as soon as they enter your home. Since it’s supposed to resemble a creepy crawly, it comes with a whopping 14 legs that extend from one end of the bottom frame to the other. Each one is handmade in London using traditional wood turning and upholstering techniques, with available options in bespoke finishes and upholstery, including wool. It measures 105 x 65 x 90 cm.


Available now, the Milli Chair retails for £1,500 individually and £2,500 in pairs.