A Swinging Top Allows The Turning Table To Easily Hide All Your Mess


Coffee tables always end up messy. Between reading materials, living room gadgets, and play toys, among a whole host of other things we fiddle with while on the couch, it just naturally becomes a catch-all. The Turning Table lets you easily hide the mess.

Designed by Theresa Arns for Menu, it’s a low, round-shaped coffee table with a storage compartment right under the top. That way, you can simply swipe down any objects scattered across the top, quickly dumping them when you need to tidy up the living room to look like you’re more organized than you actually are.


Named for the way its top slides out of the way to reveal the storage compartment, the Turning Table’s top is designed to rotate around one of the legs. It’s a very elegant, very cool way of opening, bringing to mind the way door hatches slide out to allow entry to spaceships in sci-fi movies. Since it’s anchored to one leg, the door can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, making it equally easy to access any part of the storage space.


Dimensions are 25.6 x 14.2 inches (w x h), so it’s a bit too low for anything beyond coffee table function. Construction is ask and oak for the wooden sections, with the legs and anchors done in metal (copper and brass).


Available now from Menu, the Turning Table is priced at $499.95.