Marmoreal Offers A Fresh, Lively Material For Your Bathroom Fixtures


Want to make your bathroom look less sterile and more lively? How about swapping in everything drab for the Marmoreal Bathroom, a collection of bathroom fixtures done up in a colorful, somewhat chaotic style.

Designed by UK-based Max Lamb, it’s a set of bathroom objects, all made using the collection’s namesake engineered marble material. Not only does the new material give bathrooms a departure from the now-boring plastic, ceramic, and steel, the Asian-inspired designs should make for unique additions to many Western bathrooms, too.


The Marmoreal Bathroom collection consists of eight pieces: a bath tub based on the Japanese ofuro, a large medicine cabinet, a stool with integrated storage (hey, stools are common in residential bathrooms across Asia), a step stool (for climbing into the bath tub), a traditional Japanese-style toilet (sorry, not the high-tech ones Kumi makes), a wash basin, a wall light, a side table (hey, maybe you wanna have a snack or something while doing… something), and a wall shelf. Each one is cut entirely in the marble material, except for the plumbing and the mirror on the medicine cabinet.


Because of the engineered marble make, each of the pieces feels substantial and weighs accordingly, so these are the kind of things you’ll probably need professionals to set up, rather than DIY. Every piece is handmade directly in England.

No pricing is listed for the Marmoreal Bathroom collection (which means, you know, expensive), but you can inquire directly from Dzek.