Main Drain Adds A Clip-On, Adjustable Urinal To Your Toilet


Men peeing on the toilet and leaving the seat up is a pet peeve many women just put up with.   It’s one of those things a guy is either considerate enough to do or will just plain never be.   And while you can install a urinal to eliminate this issue forever, the Main Drain offers a more convenient alternative.

A toilet attachment that quickly adds a functional urinal for the men of the house, it gives them a separate place to tinkle without having to perform a full installation like with traditional bathroom urinals. No contractors to hire, no pipes to install, and no construction to undertake – just clip it to the side of the toilet and the boys will never have a reason to lift the toilet seat again. Unless, they’re intentionally trying to annoy you or something.


The Main Drain consists of a lightweight urinal that’s held by an adjustable, bendable arm with a tube inside that funnels any liquids that enter the urinal into the narrow openings inside the clip, where it’s eventually disposed into the bowl. It’s clever. The urinal itself is designed to reduce splashes, leaving the surrounding area more sanitary, with the clip slim enough to minimize any change the toilet seat’s fit.

To clean, simply spray your favorite bathroom cleaning product into the urinal and let gravity do the rest. You can also just splash with water after using to ensure nothing is left over.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Main Drain. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $45.