Use The Magnetika System To Create Infinitely-Customizable Wall-Mounted Storage


Ronda Design’s Magnetika System is a new way of furnishing a living space, giving people an endlessly-customizable facility for outfitting their homes with storage elements. Not only do you get near-limitless options, it’s designed to allow rearranging many times over, without having to drill multiple holes and cause permanent damage on the walls.

Created by Italian outfit Ronda Design, the system uses stainless steel panels that can mount onto any wall that you plan to outfit with storage modules. Place one in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, and any other place in the house, then simply snap on any of the magnet-backed storage units that you’d like to equip in the space. Done. When you want to rearrange stuff, just pry them off and do that same thing over.


The Magnetika System has different sizes of wall panels, from door-sized units to rectangular panels to long and narrow units designed to mount over kitchen and bathroom sinks. Two thicknesses of panels are available: 28mm units with hidden supports for heavy-duty uses and screw-on 1mm units. Each panel can be equipped with an assortment of magnetic-backed storage accessories, like numerous shapes and sizes of shelves, hooks, and specialized items (e.g. towel rack, mirrors, and toilet paper holder). They also offer high-strength magnetized tiles that can be snapped onto the panels, allowing you to easily mount any steel-backed items onto the fixture, including trays, cast iron pots, and more.


No pricing is listed for the Magnetika System, but you can inquire directly from Ronda Design.