Luna Is A Heated Mattress Cover That Learns Your Sleeping Habits


Covers that warm your bed are nothing new. The Luna Smart Mattress Cover, however, takes it up a notch, adding smart features to its heating ability using a set of built-in sensors.

Instead of simply warming up the bed to a set temperature, it splits it into two zones, so you and the wife (or the husband or some other woman’s husband – just kidding) can sleep right next to each other, all while enjoying custom temperature settings. Even better, the bed will start warming up each zone on its own, learning your regular bedtime and automatically setting your bed at the desired temperature as soon as that time arrives.


Want to track your sleep? Forget the fitness tracker, as the Luna comes fitted with sensors that will track everything about your sleep cycles, from your breathing rate to your heart rate to your sleep phases, allowing you to see a historical account of your sleep quality without having to wear a weird contraption when you hit the bunk. It even measures ambient light and room humidity. Based on the historical information it records, the system will make recommendations regarding things you can change to improve your sleep, all without having to resort to popping another pill.


Along with the accompanying app, you can use Luna to wake you up during an ideal moment in your sleep cycle, so you don’t have to suffer through groggy mornings, as many of us have done in the past. Even better, the app can interact with various connected objects in the home (anything that’s supported by IFTTT), so it can automatically set the temperature downstairs, fire up the coffee machine, and switch on the kitchen lights as soon as you wake up, if you own the appropriate gear.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running to fund Luna. Pledges start at $199.