You Can Use This Versatile Luna Lamp And Clock In One Of Three Ways


You have a room with an empty patch of wall that could probably use a nice clock. Except, the wife thinks she’d rather have a wall-mounted lamp on that spot.   Instead of arguing about it for the rest of the night, why not just get something like the Luna, a combination wall clock and lamp that even hides a possible third function.

In its default form, it serves as a wall clock with an entire outer face that functions as a wall-mounted lighting unit. It’s a nice-looking one, too, with a style that can suit both traditional and contemporary home décor.


Designed by Aleksandr Polyakov, the Luna is actually a modular piece. The clock mechanism at the center, which holds the hands and the movement, is easily detachable, so you can use it strictly as a lamp if you decide to hang another wall clock in the same room. The removed component will still keep running like any timepiece, so you can place it on a table as a desk clock of sorts, either with the hands on top or the hands dangling from a table edge. Heck, maybe you may even want to mount it in a different room for use as a unique-looking wall clock.


Construction is acrylic for the translucent portions and metal for the rest, with a LED array providing the illumination. It comes with integrated controls for adjusting the level of brightness.

The Luna was among the items showcased at the recently-held iSaloni Worldwide Moscow 2014. You can see more pictures from the link below.