Loena Lantern Is A Pendant Lamp That Does Its Best Work In The Dark


At first glance, the Loena Lantern looks like a normal pendant lamp. Sure, it’s stylish, but so are a hundred other offerings you can probably find at most designer stores. But, alas, it hides a secret.

Described as “a magical light source,” the Loena Lantern does its best work when turned off. That’s because its shade comes printed with intricate patterns using a photoluminescent ink that will emanate a graceful glow once the rest of the room is pitch dark. As such, you get yourself an instant night light that’s a whole lot prettier than those little ones you have plugged directly on the wall outlet.


The Loena Lantern comes in two designs, both of which use a shade made from 250-gram biotop paper. Blue luminous ink, which absorbs both natural and ambient light, is used to print the detailed patterns across the surface, allowing it to shine a feint blue glow for a stretch of up to eight hours. That eight hours of “afterglow,” by the way, means you can use these lamps as an electricity-free night light, apart from making for a fascinating sight in the midst of the darkness of your home at night. Dimensions are 9.45 x 9.45 x 11.2 inches for the larger design, providing plenty of surface space to emanate the nighttime glow.


Made in the Netherlands, the Loena Lantern comes with a partially 3D-printed fitting and a 6.5-foot long power cable. It’s available directly from Ontwerp Duo, priced at €79 apiece.