LiliLite Combines A Book Shelf, A Book Lamp, And… A Bookmark?!?


If you haven’t migrated your nightly reading to digital books on a tablet or e-reader, you just might be interested in the LiliLite. A shelf, reading light, and bookmark combo, it’s the perfect thing to mount right over your side of the bed, giving you all you need for your nightly, in-bed reading habit. Just add the books and you’re all set.

Shaped like a column of a zigzag, the unique shelf can hold about half a dozen or so books (depending on thickness) in a tilted fashion. Yes, the books line up tilted and that’s a big part of the charm, making it look more decorative than regular wall shelves.


Near one end of the LiliLite sits a lamp that will beam its light right under the shelf. That way, you can sit in that spot and have an instant reading light – no more carrying a small lamp that you always end up misplacing. Because of its zigzag shape, there’s a portion on the shelf that rises like a mountain, which, apparently, serves as the bookmark.   The idea is to place the current book you’re reading on there, opened to the exact page you’re on. Oh yeah, there’s a cool trick, too: as soon as you take the book out of the bookmark, the light switches on; it switches off as soon as a book is placed back. If you ever find that behavior annoying, don’t worry: it also comes with a light switch that you can use as an alternative.


The shelf measures 8.66 x 16.14 x 7.67 inches, with a weight of 3 pounds. Construction is plywood with an oak veneer for the shelf, powder-coated steel for the lighting hardware, and plastic for the lamp cap.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for LiliLite. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $129.