Life Measured Pitcher Uses Color-Coded Bands To Keep Track Of Portions


At a glance, there’s nothing particularly unique about the Life Measured pitcher. Until, of course, you figure out the clever function hiding within its simplicity.

A collaboration between design studio Visibility and food design site MOLD, it’s a glass pitcher with various grooves around its body, where color-coded, movable rings are strapped onto. Ignoring the rings, you can use it like any regular, heavy-duty pitcher, holding your iced teas for cooling down in the afternoon, brewing coffee for your morning jolt, and even filling up with water for watering the indoor plants around the house.


Those rings around the Life Measured pitcher are actually designed to serve as markers, so you can label how high you should fill it depending on various tasks. You can, for instance, use a red ring to mark how much water you should add to coffee for a two-person serving, a blue ring for the amount of water your plants need, or a series of rings for the various portions you need to add when making your favorite cocktail. It’s a simple but clever solution – one that you can customize multiple times over, depending on particular needs.


Construction is hand-blown, lab-grade borosilicate glass for the pitcher, ensuring it can withstand both intense heat and icy cold. The rings are made from stretchy silicone. And, yes, we’re totally stealing the color-coded band idea for the pitchers in our house – seems like a great way to keep track of portions, whether for cocktails, dishes, or mad science experiments.

You can learn more about Life Measured from MOLD.