Legless Bar Stool Offers Better Seating By Eliminating A Fourth Upper Leg


When viewed at the right angle, the Legless Bar Stool looks like it’s missing a leg, yet manages to stand, instead of falling over. It is, of course, an optical illusion, one that’s likely more fun pointing out at a bar once your friends have had a few to drink.

Designed by Josh Carmody, the stool actually has four legs – it’s just that one of the legs is only attached to the crossbeam at the bottom and not the actual seat. As such, when you look at it from the angle of the shorter leg, it’s going to look like the leg in its diagonal opposite is missing.


More than the novelty of an optical illusion, the Legless Bar Stool allows the diagonal crossbeam to be used as a convenient space to hold a bag, with the missing upper leg providing easy access to the area. Way better than earning the ire of other patrons in a packed bar by leaving it on the next stool or plopping it down the dirty floor. Josh claims that the missing upper leg actually makes the seat much more comfortable (flexible, perhaps?), which he promises “you will feel” as soon as you take a seat.


It comes in two heights, 2.1 and 2.5 feet, both using the same design and configuration. Buyers have the option of getting the stool in either walnut, ash, or oak, coated in a Danish oil finish.

The Legless Bar Stool is available directly from Josh Carmody’s website.