Finally, Someone Made A Cajon Chair Fit For Grownups


We’ve seen plenty of chairs built upon the percussion instrument cajon, turning the erstwhile box-shaped drum into comfy chair. So far, though, most any design we’ve seen were made for kids, making them severely out of place in any grown man’s abode. Not the case with the Cajon Chair.

Rather than a colorful chair for children, it comes decked in luxurious leather, making it functional for use whether in a dorm room, a bachelor pad, or a home office. Granted, it’s not exactly the kind of stylish article the wife will likely let you keep in the living room, although it does look a heck of a lot more grown-up than any other options you’ll typically find.

The Cajon Chair is a functional percussion instrument that you play by slapping the front and sides of the box, allowing you to use it to join a bunch of friends for a jamming session. Unlike ordinary cajons, it comes with a synthetic leather seat and backrest, so you can plop down on it in a manner more comfortable than the stool-like form of the traditional Peruvian instrument. It features four distinct snares for a variety of options during playing, four casters so you can slide from one part of the room to another, and plywood construction. Dimensions are 18.1 x 17.7 x 23.6 inches.

Available now, the Cajon Chair is priced at $641.