La Cabine Is A Bathroom In A Box… Kinda


It’s hard to really call the La Cabine a “bathroom in a box.” Sure, it’s got a sink, a mirror, a water tap, towel racks, and storage space for a whole load of lavatory supplies. But, come on, every bathroom needs a toilet and a shower, bare minimum, so you’ll still need to pair this with those two things before it becomes a complete bathroom. With that said, it’s pretty neat.

Created by French brand Line Art in cooperation with La Fonction, it’s a freestanding cabinet that looks like it houses your wardrobe when all closed up. Open the thing, however, and you are greeted by a standalone bathroom, sans the two most important things in a bathroom, that is. Anyway, if you have a bathroom without a proper sink and storage facilities, this is, basically, an all-in-one assembly that you can bring in to turn it into a full-service lavatory space.


Inspired by the design of boat cabins, the La Cabine features solid wood construction, with eight available finishes and two different door options, both with a magnetic locking facility. Closed up, it measures 80 x 210 x 63.5 cm (w x h x d), giving the impression that it’s a wardrobe closet rather than anything else. When opened, it reveals a ceramic sink with a stainless steel tap and standard plumbing, a mirror with adjustable side panels, integrated LED lighting with sensors, eight shelves (you can remove some of the shelves to reveal a hanging hook for your robe), three drawers, two tower rails, and a storage box.


Available now, the La Cabine retails for €5,400.