Playgrounds And Board Rooms Collide In The King Arthur Round Swing Table


Does anyone want a huge conference table at home? Probably not. What if it the huge conference table has built-in suspended swing seats? Well, that changes everything. Seriously, wouldn’t you throw out your roommate so you can accommodate the King Arthur Round Swing Table, too?

Made by Duffy London, it’s a conference table for holding meetings. Except, instead of boring tables like the ones in your office’s boardrooms, it looks more like those whimsical furnishings you see in “fun” tech offices, incorporating multiple seats, all of them suspended from a beam that’s part of the table’s frame. That way, you can swing back and forth to express your nervous tension, instead of biting your nails, tapping the pencil, or endlessly fidgeting during meetings. Or something like that.


The King Arthur Round Swing Table comes in two sizes: a smaller one with eight swing seats and a larger one with twelve. It looks a little like a merry-go-round, except with swings. And it doesn’t spin, so you’re left to sway back and forth in the same general position. Construction is either walnut or white birch for the round table top, with the frame cut in powder-coated mild steel. Each one is handmade by local artisans, with numerous options in colors and finishes, including a weatherized version for outdoor use.


Available now, pricing for the King Arthur Round Swing Table starts at £7,895.