Every Night Can Be Camping Night With The Kids Tent Cabin Bed


Your kids loved the last time you guys went camping. So much so that they’ve been bugging you about the next time you’re going in one. Problem is, you can’t really take the time off, so, like any good parent, you feel guilty. Well, maybe you can assuage your guilt with this Kids Tent Cabin Bed, which can make them feel like they’re camping in their bedroom every night.

A part of the Unique Children’s Cabin Beds line from Mathy By Bols, it’s a cabin bed designed to resemble the likeness of a tent. That way, they can feel like they’re adventuring out in camp, without actually leaving the confines of your comfy house in the suburbs.


The Kids Tent Cabin Bed has a tent-shaped wooden frame above the mattress area, with triangle-shaped openings on either end and a large rectangular opening on one side. The rectangular opening comes with a cloth side wall that can either be folded to keep the side open (just in case the kids get spooked), let down to close it up (to turn it into a private fort), or held up like a canopy using an included set of poles for a camping-style setup. Since sleeping by yourself in a tent can get lonely, it comes with a pull-out bed at the bottom, so their best friend can come by for a sleepover. It measures 208 x 110 x 146 cm, with the bed sized to hold a mattress measuring 190 x 90 cm.


Available in a variety of colors, the Kids Tent Cabin Bed is priced at £1,045.