Kaffeeform Cups And Saucers Are Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds


Used coffee grounds are great for use as fertilizer and compost. Beyond that, however, they don’t have all that much use. At least, that used to be the case before the Kaffeeform, a set of coffee cups and saucers made from recycled coffee grounds.

That’s right, someone found a way to use discarded coffee grounds to make cups for drinking more coffee, so you can produce even more discarded coffee grounds. Yep, a total circle of life. The smell of coffee is retained in each cup and saucer, too, making for unique drinkware that’s bound to make for interesting conversation.


Of course, the Kaffeeform isn’t just made strictly from used coffee grounds. Instead, it comes from a new formulation that mixes the coffee ground with various renewable raw materials. It’s as durable as any material used in making cups and saucers, too, so they can be used and washed repeatedly. Each of the cups and saucers have the appearance of dark marblewood, giving them an even more unique and pronounced character. While the coffee-based materials were used, in this instance, to make cups and saucers, folks should be able to use them to manufacture other kinds of tableware, too, such as plates, saucers, bowls, and more, all smelling like roasted coffee.


As of now, the Kaffeeform is only produced in a small scale. You can send a purchase request directly via email, with a set of four cups and saucers selling for €70.