Playful Jeeves Table Lamp Uses A Bowler Hat For A Lampshade


When unlit, the Jeeves Table Lamp will look like a stand of sorts that you’ve decided to use as a hanging place for your bowler hat. Except, it isn’t. Instead, the bowler hat actually serves as the shade for the lamp, creating for a unique lighting element that adds just a hint more fun to any living space.

Designed by Jake Phipps, it’s a playful take on table lamps that’s just brimming with its own character. Seriously, how can this not generate any conversation the minute a guest notices it lighting up a corner of the room?


The Jeeves Table Lamp uses an actual wool felt bowler hat for the shade, although the inside is lined with anodized gold-toned aluminum to reflect light in an optimal manner.   Even better, the hat can be aligned in two positions – a straight one and a slightly angled one that makes it look like the hat is being tipped the way a proper gentleman would.


Dimensions are 11.8 x 22 x 9.8 inches (l x h x d), making it ideal for placement on side tables, whether in the living room, the hall, or the bedroom. It comes with a 28-watt G9 bulb.

Available now, the Jeeves Table Lamp is priced at £268.