Ivan Zhurba Uses An Old iPhone To Power This Reading Lamp And Speaker


Neither the LED lamp nor the speaker on an iPhone (especially the older models) are particularly powerful, but they’re decent enough if you need either one without better gear available. Plus, function is only half the appeal in something like Ivan Zhurba’s table lamp and speaker, which uses old iPhones for its lighting and audio modules.

A 3D-printed plastic object, the device has a slot on top for docking one of the older iPhones (4, 4S, 5, and 5C) straight into a charging cable inserted inside. You slip the iPhone in with the display facing up and it’s set, with both the iPhone’s LED and speaker now available to use as desktop gear.


Zhurba’s design features a small cutout for the mobile device’s LED, allowing it to illuminate a small area right below. Granted, a phone’s LED is hardly sufficient for a proper table lamp, although it does make for a handy reading lamp, especially since it floats less than a foot above the desk. An integrated acoustic tunnel takes sound coming from the iPhone and amplifies it, so you get a slightly higher volume than you’ll get on a phone alone. There are no controls directly on the lamp itself, so you’ll have to take the iPhone out to power on the lights or activate the speaker.


While plans are not yet available for Zhurba’s iPhone lamp and speaker, he has promised the design files will all be uploaded to Kwamb.io either in July or August, so you can watch for it there, in case you want to fabricate one of these things for your writing desk.