Typography Geeks Will Absolutely Adore This Italic Light


When you first see the Italic Light, you can mistake it for be any of a number of things: an aerosol can with an odd, tilted design; an unfinished miniature sculpture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa; or an italicized 3D figure of the letter “i.” As it turns out, that’s exactly what this table lamp is based on, making it an ideal lighting element for typography fans.

Designed by Flip Sellin and Philip Brosche for COORDINATION Berlin, the lamp is crafted from a solid hunk of polished marble, so it brings quite a bit of heft that you can use to pin down bills, documents, and printed matter on the table. Yeah, we’re assuming you’re that kind of messy individual.


The Italic Light has an anodized aluminum shade that flips up to reveal an LED light source, which shines down onto the side the lamp is facing towards. A touch-sensitive surface allows control of the lamp’s power and dimming without having to add buttons that can blemish the design, ensuring it looks nothing more than a sculptural object representing your obsession with modern typography. Features include a long-life LED ring, a built-in transformer, a textile power cable, and measurements of 8.5 x 31 cm (diameter x height).


You can learn more about the Italic Light over at COORDINATION Berlin’s website.