Impila Is A Floor Lamp With Integrated, Adjustable-Height Trays


We’ve seen plenty of floor lamps that incorporated trays along the shaft – that’s pretty handy to have, after all. Impila, though, does them one better by incorporating trays that can be adjusted along the height of the shaft, allowing for more dynamic and versatile uses.

Designed by Yu Ito for Formabilio, the lamp doesn’t just have one tray, either, as it holds two along the shaft. Both can be kept out of the way down at the bottom when not in use, but can be adjusted to anywhere along the height of the lamp, so you can have one sitting at table height for use when you’re sitting and another one at a taller height for when you’re standing. Or keep one in the bedroom and have one sitting at side table height for when you’re lying in bed. Or whatever other combo will actually suit your individual needs.


Each of Impila’s two trays come with a locking mechanism to ensure they hold at your desired height, with slightly raised edges in order to keep things you place on top from easily falling over. The wiring for the lamp is hidden inside the shaft and base, so you only see the cabling coming out from the very bottom. Construction is solid wood for the shaft, base, and adjustable trays, with the short cone lampshade upholstered in cotton and lined with mirrors inside for directing the light upwards and downwards. It measures 160 cm in height, with a diameter of 32 cm.


Available directly from Formabilio, the Italy-made Impila is priced at €353.