A Bent Neck Gives The Horn Candle Holder A Convenient Handle


When not equipped with a candle, you could mistake the Horn Candle Holder for a variety of things. Is it a weird-looking wind instrument? Maybe, a prop from Star Wars? Or, perhaps, some kind of fancy lab flask if Walter White decided to invest some of his earnings in classy-looking equipment? Well, it’s a candle holder and that odd bend comes with a reason.

While partly created to give the decorative object a playful appearance, the bend at the neck of the candle holder is actually a handle, allowing you to easily carry it from one room to another. I’m guessing the bend will also allow you to suspend it on a hook, although you’d probably want to make sure it’s balanced, unless you want to accidentally start a fire in the house.


Created by Cincinnati-based outfit Tom Will Make, the Horn Candle Holder is made using three different pieces: the actual candleholder, the neck, and the base, which are joined together for the final piece. All parts are made from steel, with the bent neck sitting atop the round base with a flat bottom. It measures 10.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches, with a mouth that can fit candles up to half an inch in diameter. And, no, it can’t be used as a hookah (at least, we don’t think so).


A part of American Design Club’s Curse the Darkness exhibition at the NYCxDesign event last May, the Horn Candle Holder is available directly from Tom Will Make, priced at $196.