Spine-Like Sternum Chaise Uses Over 60 Joints To Provide Comfortable Lounging


Like every reclining lounger, the Sternum Chaise is designed to support the contours of your spine, as you lean back and relax. Unlike them, the entire thing actually looks like the spine of a large animal, so you can support your body on what looks like the back of an imaginary vertebrate.

Designed by Don Howell for Hellman-Chang, the chair, literally, looks like it was pieced together from the skeletal remains of some type of beastly creature who walks using two short legs while dragging its large tail-like backside the whole time. Unlike most skeletal remains, though, it’s not creepy, since the whole thing is designed to serve as furniture that’s equal parts functional and truly decorative.


Described as “a woodworking feat,” the Sternum Chaise’s sinewy lines are made up of more than sixty joints, creating the unique effect that brings backboned creatures to mind. The lines are based on the natural curving of the human body during use, ensuring it’s going to feel as comfortable as any chaise lounge you’ve enjoyed in the past. In fact, the product page calls it “startlingly comfortable,” we’re guessing a result of the discomfort suggested by the jointed construction. The whole thing is made from solid wood.


Available as a made-to-order piece, the Sternum Chaise can be ordered directly from Hellman-Chang. No pricing is listed, so expect it to be steep.