This Han Solo Mini-Fridge Looks Like A Carbon Freezing Chamber


We’re not entirely sure if the Han Solo Fridge is awesome or just a little bit creepy. Either way, it’s not something you’re going to ignore easily, with Han Solo frozen in carbonite on the outside and all the cold beer you can ask for in the inside.

The only mini-fridge you can legitimately refer to as a carbon freezing chamber, it features the inanimate image of Han Solo during that one time he was he was subjected by Darth Vader to the tibanna gas freezing technology. Granted, the mini-fridge size ensures no one will mistake it for a real person frozen in time, but it’s still creepy and awesome all the same.


The Han Solo Fridge doesn’t have a freezer, but it comes with three shelves that can hold six cans each, allowing you to chill a dozen and a half Romulan Ales at any one time. Oh wait… wrong sci-fi franchise. Aside from chilling its contents, the fridge has a warming function that allows you to use it to heat soups, sandwiches, and beverages. Features include a set of red LEDs outside the door to make it look even creepier, an auto-locking door to prevent spills, and even a handle on top so you can carry it from one part of the house to another. It weighs just 9.75 pounds, too, so even puny weaklings should have no problem doing that. Dimensions are 19 x 10.75 x 10.75 inches.


Available from Thinkgeek, the Han Solo Fridge is priced at $149.99.