Keep Your Records On The Half Cube Vinyl Rack


Vinyl is having a resurgence. And we can understand – in a time when everything’s digital, it’s as pure a medium as you can ask for when it comes to listening to your favorite music.   If you’re a new fan starting to accumulate records, we have a feeling this Half-Cube Vinyl Rack will fit right in with your burgeoning collection.

Perfect for setting down on a floor right next to your media cabinet, it’s a modern-looking stand that cradles your records in a geometric storage container. While designed for vinyl, it should also serve as a functional storage module for similarly-sized objects like magazines and coffee table volumes.


Like the name says, the Half Cube Vinyl Rack comes in a half-cube shape – basically, a box with three sides lifted off. It measures 17.5 x 18 x 15 inches (l x w x h), with enough space to hold up to 70 records, making it ideal for new collectors or those who reserve their vinyl purchases for special releases. Construction is stainless steel, with the perforated storage tray held up on three legs to ensure it won’t get knocked over.

Available from Urban Outfitters, the Half Cube Vinyl Rack is priced at $169.