Gobble Chairs Are Fun, Kid-Safe, And Eco-Friendly


Imagine sitting in the mouth of an alligator. Yeah, probably horrible. Now, imagine sitting in the mouth of an alligator that’s been kitted out to be comfortable for resting your legs and body on. Sounds fun, until they close it and eat you. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with Gobble Chairs, a line of kids’ chairs done up to look like wild animals sitting you in their giant mouths.

Made by Form Maker, each chair features the likeness of an animal (horse, hippo, alligator, and tiger), with its mouth open wide and ready to cradle your kids, while they read a book, watch TV, or play COC on your phone. It’s cute, colorful, and playful – just the kind of fun furniture that kids will love keeping around.


More than the being fun chairs, though, Gobble Chairs are designed as eco-friendly furniture. As such, each one is made using corrugated cardboard that’s been produced from recycled paper fibers, along with water-based adhesives and non-toxic ink. Each one assembles using a tab and slot mechanism, so you can easily break them apart and put them back together, allowing for easy storage and transport. Afraid your kids will end up spilling drinks and liquid items on it? Don’t worry, all exposed surface areas are treated to be water-resistant, so water will simply slide off and any stain can be easily wiped clean. It can support the weight of grown adults, so it should handle even the most restless kids.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Gobble. Pledges to reserve a chair starts at $155.