Glop Foldable Kitchenware Allows You To Use Cups, Dishes, And Bowls In Whole New Ways


Whether they’re made from ceramic, metal, or plastic, cups, bowls, and dishes are essential items in every kitchen. And while they work well enough, it turns out a change of material, like they did with Glop, can make those longstanding staples even better.

Designed by Berta Julia Sala, it’s a set of kitchenware that skips the usual ceramic, metal, and plastic materials for construction. Instead, it uses food-grade, platinum-cured silicone rubber, that highly-malleable item that’s often used to make food storage containers.


Glop consists of a small bowl, a large bowl, a cup, a dish, and a bottle, each of which looks like conventional kitchenware. Except, because of their construction material, each one can be folded, pinched, twisted, and deformed, allowing you to use them in unconventional ways. You can, for instance, put your popcorn on the large bowl, dump your favorite flavorings, and fold it shut in order to mix everything evenly. Want to drink soup from the dish without spills? Fold it inwards to create a nozzle at one end where you can let the soup slide down. How about straining water out of a pile of shredded cabbages you just washed from the bowl? Yep, same thing.

The set includes a matching set of clips that you can use to close part of each kitchenware’s opening, so you don’t have to rely on your hands to keep them in the desired shape. Since platinum silicone rubber can withstand temperature extremes, they can be heated and cooled, just like any similar item in the kitchen, apart from being dishwasher-friendly.

You can find out more about Glop directly from Sala’s website.