Girella Is A Kiddie Armchair That Unrolls Into A Mattress


When you roll a mattress and sit it on the side, the result tends to look like a functional stool. At least, if you can make sure the whole thing doesn’t unroll. That simple transformation is at the heart of the Girella Chair, a mattress that can convert into a comfy armchair by simply rolling it into a pile.

Designed by Lorenzo Damiani for Campeggi, it’s an emergency mattress that you can unroll to give guests bunking space, so they won’t have to spend the night lying on your home’s cold, hard floors. It’s designed for kids, so it might be undersized for the tall and wide among us, but it should fit most adults comfortably all the same.

When folded up, the Girella Chair takes the form of a kids’ armchair, complete with resting pads for the arms and back. The back and arms, by the way, will continue to stick out when collapsed into a mattress, so it isn’t likely to fit into a bed frame, in case you’re thinking of mounting it on one. Hey, the floor doesn’t so bad.

It uses a smooth polyurethane frame to keep everything stable when functioning as a chair, ensuring it doesn’t simply tip over when the kids get a little jerky with their movements when plopped down on the seat. Large patches of Velcro scattered throughout the body ensures everything holds tight, so you don’t have to worry about the whole thing accidentally coming loose.

Find out more about the Girella Chair directly from Campeggi’s website.