Entice Big Bird To Visit Your Home With This Giant Birdsnest


If Big Bird was real and he rented a loft downtown, this Giant Birdsnest will totally be the centerpiece of his living room. Yeah, he and Mr. Snuffleupagus can totally have fun chilling together and watching Nickelodeon on this thing.

Designed by OGE Creative Group, it’s an oversized bird’s nest with giant egg pillows designed to serve as cushioning. They call it “a fusion of furniture and playground.” We call it “the piece of furniture people who cosplay as birds are totally going to be saving up their pennies for.”


Instead of being constructed from grass, moss, and twigs, the Giant Birdsnest is made completely from wood, so it’s just as sturdy as any couch or daybed you may be using inside your own home. They use multiple wood panels to replicate the appearance of a bird nest, with the interior sporting a foam-padded wooden backwall that slants inward. Those eggs are actually intended to serve as seating poufs, although you can also use the edges of the nest to sit on, in case you prefer more uncomfortable positions (hey, we don’t judge).


The nest can be ordered in four sizes, with the smallest able to fit up to three people and the largest able to hold up to 16 at the same time. Construction is pine wood, with eight lacquered finish options (cherry, oak, maple, venga, teak, walnut, schleiflack, and black). The poufs are made from a cotton-lycra blend in any of 16 colors, with near-frictionless, lightweight beads for filling.


No pricing is listed for the Giant Birdsnest, but you can get in touch with OGE to request details.