Ghost Light Haunts Your Room While Illuminating It


Is it a good idea to bring ghosts into your house? Probably not. The Ghost Light, though, isn’t really a dead person’s apparition, but a decorative candle holder, so we guess it’s fine. Which, I know, is how many horror movies start, so do it at your own risk.

Just kidding, of course, since there’s nothing haunted about this adorable lighting element, which looks like a tiny ghost sitting on a table while it burns through a candle to illuminate a room. Place a dozen of these on a tabletop and you can imagine the slight creepiness that ensues, making it quite the excellent decorative piece for horror fans and people who like to decorate during Halloween.


The Ghost Light consists of a hand-cast porcelain figure clad in the shape of a floating blanket with two eyes, like the classic ghosts depicted in old movies. An opening in the rear of the figure allows you to place a tea light candle inside, which causes the whole thing to glow like a fiery spirit consumed by anger and about to inflict some horror.   It measures 16 x 7 cm (height x width), so no one’s going to mistake it for a real ghost, although you can always pretend if you like to scare yourself silly. Oh yeah, the porcelain gets very hot with the candle inside it after a while, so it’s probably not a good idea to keep this in accessible areas whenever you have kids or pets inside the house.


Available now, the Ghost Light is priced at kr. 249.