These New Fuse Lamps Add Valet Trays For Catch-All Utility


Valet trays and small lamps go together hand in hand, since the illumination makes it easy to spot exactly where all the stuff you dumped out of your pocket are sitting. The Fuse Table Lamp and the Fuse Floor Lamp take that same marriage of utility, then combines it with the simple but elegant lines of traditional Nordic design.

The brainchild of Note Design Studio for Ex.t, the pair of lighting products feature lamps with cylindrical shades that cast a downward glow on a round valet tray below it. Use it like any tray to hold your everyday carry gear for easy access, along with anything else you want to keep visible even in the dark.


The Fuse Table Lamp uses the tray for its base, while the Fuse Floor Lamp puts the tray along the height of the pole, about a foot or so just under the shade.   Construction is ceramic for the shade, tray, and base, with the pole cut in wood. Both lamps come in earth tones that complement the simple design, ensuring they’ll fit in with most any home décor. Dimensions are 20 x 36 cm (diameter x height) for the Table Lamp and 30 x 150 cm for the Floor Lamp.


Available now, the Fuse Table Lamp and the Fuse Floor Lamp retail for €323 and €751, respectively.