Bring Some Colorful Whimsy To Any Room With This Frog Side Table


Making a table look like a frog is probably easy enough. Designing it such that the animal inspiration isn’t too blatant and straightforward is a whole other matter entirely. That’s exactly what was done to come up with this Frog Side Table.

Fashioned by Nab Design, the piece subtly incorporates frog details in the furniture’s shape, with two compartments that look like large eyes, a lower compartment that looks like an even larger mouth, and four narrowing legs. The dead giveaway, of course, is the strong green color, which accentuates the inspiration a lot more than the other elements. If the entire thing was finished in a different color, in fact, you’d probably have to do a double take to identify the amphibious reference – a nice touch if having a giant frog-like table in the room doesn’t actually go well with the rest of the décor.


The Frog Side Table sports a contemporary design that should make it well-suited to many types of décor. Granted, you’ll probably want the color changed if you want the frog thing to be just a little more subtle (likely, if you decide to keep one next to the sofa in the living room), but that shouldn’t be too hard. It features a thermolacquered steel exterior, a poplar wooden box on the lower compartment, and 410 x 410 x 530 mm dimensions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a tongue that automatically eats any mosquitoes passing by.


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