Frida Stool And Side Table Can Be Easily Disassembled For Flatpacking


I wish all furniture can be easily disassembled without tools, so they can be flatpacked and stowed away in a closet when not in use. Since they’re not, we’ll just cheer on every time someone designs another furniture that can pull off the trick. The Frida Stool and the Frida Side Table, two pieces of furniture that can be assembled and collapsed without tools, definitely deserve all the cheers we can muster.

Designed by Italy-based studio Zanocchi & Starke, the pieces use parts that slot in together to quickly join and come apart in just seconds. A wind-up screw locks everything in place, ensuring the whole thing remains stable while you sit in the corner facing the wall, ruminating on your mistakes for the day. Wait, you don’t do that? Okay, I don’t do it, either…


Both the Frida Stool and the Frida Side Table use just four pieces: two leg pairs that crisscross one on top of the other, a butterfly screw that holds them together, and a round seat/table top that’s littered with holes that attach to pegs on the frame. They’re, pretty much, the same, with the main difference being that the side table’s round panel has a slightly bigger surface area. It’s a simple, but elegant, implementation – something we’d like to see more of in all the furniture we actually use inside our homes.


Hit the link below to see more pictures of the Frida Stool and the Frida Side Table.